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Level 3 Comprehensive

This training course incorporates Routine Visual, Operational, and Comprehensive inspection of playgrounds. This course will allow participants to develop with greater competence and enable them with the knowledge and skills required to conduct routine visual, operational inspections and comprehensive audit of playgrounds and identify non-conformities to the relevant Australian Standards, legislative and work health and safety requirements, as well as manufacturer’s standards.

Structure & Assessment

The Level 3 Certified Playground Safety Inspector course is delivered through conference, live stream or pre-recorded lecture presentations as well as practical components at playgrounds. Students will demonstrate their competence through written assessment and practical exercises:

  • Assessment 1 – open book exam: consisting of multiple choice and short answers completed after lectures
  • Assessment 2 – routine visual and operational inspection reports: complete set tasks such as inspection checklists, asset registers, photographic reports and risk assessments for 3 playground inspections (1x routine visual, 2x operational) within 3 weeks of training completion.
  • Assessment 3 – comprehensive audit reports: complete set tasks such as asset registers, safe work method statements and risk ratings, fall zone calculations, information management systems, and reference to the applicable AS, inspections and associated reporting on two playgrounds at comprehensive level within 8 weeks of training completion.

Prerequisites and Pre-study

There are no pre-requisites or pre-study required for this Certified Playground Safety Training course. Recertification discount is available for those who refresh their training (3 yrs).

Registration Requirements

  • Have sufficient literacy and numeracy skills: can follow training and assessment instructions and legal requirements (e.g., WHS).
  • Have reasonable physical agility: able to climb on, and thoroughly inspect play equipment, anchorage points and fit attachments
  • Have sufficient vision: able to observe signs, wear and tear and a typical fitting situation
  • Have sufficient aptitude to be able to utilise hand tools and make adjustments
  • Be able to use basic computer programs such as MS word, excel and PDF


Please contact us to if additional assistance and adjustments (e.g., LLN assistance) is required. 

Accordion Content
  • Recognition of the range of playground equipment, surrounding park facilities and services relevant to the industry
  • The range, use and safety parameters of playground equipment and park facilities, their material construction and maintenance requirements
  • Identify and determine the purpose of the inspection and playground equipment and
    surrounding facilities to be inspected 
  • Understanding of the principles and practices of routine visual, operational and comprehensive playground inspections
  • Understanding of environmental conditions on playground equipment and surrounding facilities and inspection activities
  • Practical understanding of terminology used to describe different components of playground equipment, surrounding facilities and relevant services
  • Knowledge and ability to interpret the applicable Australian Standards, specifications and legal requirements
  • Understanding of inspection/auditing procedures and techniques and legal enterprise reporting requirements for recommendations on maintenance, repair and replacement of playground equipment and surrounding facility’s
  • Knowledge of effective maintenance and repair work to end use of the facilities and equipment and the safety of users
  • Knowledge of relevant national industry standards AS 4685:2021 parts 1-6, AS 4685:11:2014, AS 4422:2016, AS 4685.0:2017
  • Interpret design symbols and terminology 
  • Prepare and carry out routine visual, operational and comprehensive inspection of playgrounds
  • Work health and safety legislative requirements and codes of practice
  • Carry out pre-operational checks on tools and equipment
  • Create 2D site plans
  • Identification of environmental risks and impacts and non-conformity in playground equipment and surrounding facilities in reference to relevant Australian Standards and work health and safety requirements
  • Hazard identification, assessment and control methods
  • Determine and evaluate extent of problems, serious issues and possible workplace health and safety hazards or risks present (and implement controls)
  • Rate and evaluate condition of playground equipment and surrounding facilities
  • Determine age and calculate lifespan of existing playground equipment and surrounding facilities
  • Estimate repair and replacement costs
  • Information management systems
  • Investigation and understanding of possible hazards and risks associated encountered by visitors utilising the playground and surrounding facilities and when conducting an inspection of playgrounds and the controls that can be put in place to remove or minimise
  • Playground equipment installation methods, intended use and users and safety parameters
  • Able to document and report requirements, procedures and materials used during playground inspection
  • Determine degree of urgency and ability to report urgent situations
  • Ability to proforma reporting and work procedure documents
  • Ability to complete and submit inspection checklists and associated reports

Upcoming Courses - Dates & Locations

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Training Delivery
Certified Playground Inspector (all levels)
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Online self-paced
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Certified Playground Inspector
22-23 July 2024 (8:45 AM - 4:45 PM Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart | 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM Adelaide, Darwin | 6:45 AM - 2:45 PM Perth)
Live Stream
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Outdoor Exercise, Parkour & Skateparks
17 July 2024 (9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart | 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Adelaide, Darwin | 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM Perth)
Live Stream
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Certified Playground Inspector
20-21 Aug 2024 (8:30-4:30)
QLD Brisbane Technology Park
15% discount accommodation available with Quest
Outdoor Exercise, Parkour & Skateparks
22 Aug 2024 (8:30-12:30)
QLD Brisbane Technology Park
15% discount accommodation available with Quest
Certified Playground Inspector
3-4 Sep 2024 (8:30 - 4:30)
NSW Sydney Novotel Brighton Beach
Discount accommodation available
Outdoor Exercise, Parkour & Skateparks
5 Sep 2024 (8:30-12:30)
NSW Sydney Novotel Brighton Beach
Discount accommodation available at training venue
Certified Playground Inspector
22-23 October (8:30-4:30)
SA Glenelg Pier Hotel
Accommodation available at venue
Outdoor Exercise, Parkour & Skateparks
24 October (8:30-12:30)
SA Glenelg Pier Hotel
Accommodation available at venue
Certified Playground Inspector
29-30 October 2024 (8:30-4:30)
VIC Taylors Lakes Hotel
Discount accommodation available at training venue
Outdoor Exercise, Parkour & Skateparks
31 October 2024 (8:30-12:30)
VIC Taylors Lakes Hotel
Discount accommodation available at training venue
Certified Playground Inspector
19-21 Nov 2024 (8:30-4:30)
WA Bentley Technology Park
Outdoor Exercise, Parkour & Skateparks
21 Nov 2024 (8:30-12:30)
WA Bentley Technology Park


In Person and Online Stream: 2 days lectures (8:30-4:30) & 8 weeks to submit assessments

Online LMS: 4 weeks self paced lectures & 12 weeks to submit assessments

Price From


  • *GST exclusive
  • Prices vary depending on delivery type, location, and refresher training
  • Up to 10% discount for group bookings
  • Up to 15% discount for on-site hosted courses and recertification (3 yrs)

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On successful completion students will be issued a certificate in –

Playground Safety Standards Training, stating competency demonstrated through training and assessment to:

  • Level 1 Routine Visual Playground Safety Inspector
  • Level 2 Operational Playground Safety Inspector
  • Level 3 Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspector

Common Occupations

Playground operators, supervisory, technical and maintenance personnel, risk assessor, design and safety officers, independent auditors, equipment manufacturers, landscape architects and designers, property developers, equipment installers, managers and owners of playground in public and private parks, schools, and early childhood and other recreation and leisure facilities. 


Peter Larkin
Technical Officer Horticulture (Council)
Read More
I would recommend this training course to anyone who works in the industry where playground maintenance, installation or construction is involved.
John Sega
Playground Officer - Maribyrnong City Council
Read More
Excellent course. Training manual is really well put together.
Jason Cleary
Ararat Rural City Council
Read More
The progression of the training was good, theory followed by visual and then hands on. I would recommend the course and beneficial as playgrounds are a part of my daily work.
Nicholas Campbell
Playspace Maintenance Officer - Hume City Council
Read More
The training was excellent!! Very thorough. I have learnt a lot only having been in the industry for 10 months 10/10. Very competent trainer.
Fern M
Parks Contract Facilitor (Council)
Read More
Lynnel [trainer' is fantastic, her enthusiasm is contagious and makes the course interesting - she applies the theory to real-world examples which help with understanding.
Rob Keogh
Performance Sport and Play
Read More
I would recommend this course to anyone participating in the playground industry at any level. Highly relevant and informative.
Emma B
Goodstart Early Learning
Read More
Lynnel was brilliant - a fount of knowledge, friendly and happy to assist. In comparison to other playground safety courses PSIA's was "better".
Daryl Thow
City of Kwinana
Read More
I found the course content very relevant to my job. It was also a good mix of in-class work and practical inspections. In comparison to another playground safety training course, "PSIA's course is more extensive".


Accordion Content

Certified Playground Safety Inspector Australia (CPSIA) courses were developed by Expert Auditor and Trainer Ms. Lynnel Crockart who previously delivered these courses with PlayRight Australia for 20 years.

Comprehensive post-installation inspection

Defined by Australian Standards (AS) 4685.0:2017 clause no. 8.5.2, this inspection is conducted by a competent person to verify conformance and identify any tasks to be conducted to achieve conformance to the AS 4685 series and impact-attenuating surfacing test in AS 4422 prior to a playground opening. Inspection reporting is to also include risk, risk/benefit assessments that have been carried out on any non-conformance identified.

Comprehensive annual

Defined by AS 4685.0:2017 clause no. 8.5.5, this inspection is to be conducted on an annual basis and like comprehensive post-installation inspection determine conformance with the AS 4685 series and establish the overall level of safety of the equipment and surfacing. 

During a comprehensive safety inspection, hazards are categorized by their potential for causing severe injury. The resulting report will help you determine which hazards require immediate corrective action, which should be next on the list, and which are minor enough to allow corrective action as time and money permit.

In Australia, no occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements are known to apply to playground safety courses as of time of publication.

Clause 8.5.7 – AS 4685.0:2017 page 15 

“Individuals performing tasks such as assessment, inspection, repair and maintenance of a playground shall be competent to perform the task that they are taking…

All playground inspections shall be performed by a competent person.

The post-installation and comprehensive inspections shall be performed by a person who has training and experience that enables them to perform a full conformity check to AS 4685 (series). Impact testing in accordance to AS 4422 requires the capability to operate specialized equipment and interpret the results. These inspections do not need to be carried out by the same person or organization.”

Clause 1.4.1 – AS 4422(Int):2022 page 1

competent person person who has, through a combination of training, education and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to correctly perform a specified task”

Our theory, practical and assessment components of the course include inspection of park facilities our content is focused on Standards for playground equipment and surfacing, in the 2 days of lectures we dedicate the most time to playground safety compliance to the Australian Standards (e.g., inspection probes, measurement points and fall zone calculations) rather than hygiene of facilities (e.g., cleaning toilets, BBQs). 

If you have previously obtained the applicable inspection of park facilities units of competency from our previous company PlayRight Australia or other, you are not required to renew these units as they are on-going (unless there are changes made to the units).

Training and assessments delivered by Playground Safety Inspectors Australia is not delivered on behalf of an RTO.

Training Course Handbook

Course Outline and Modules
Australian Standards References

Hosted Training Courses - Bring the Trainer to your premises!

Are you looking to streamline your team’s playground safety skills without the hassle of travel? Our Hosted Training Courses bring our certified trainers directly to your premises, ensuring a seamless learning experience tailored to your organisation’s needs.


On-Site Training: Our certified trainer will conduct the courses at your premises.

Cost Savings: Hosting organisation will receive up to a 15% discount. Save on additional costs like travel and accommodation.

Flexible Practical Sessions: Practical training sessions are included and can be conducted at a playground nominated by your organisation, ensuring relevance to your specific environment.



Minimum Registrations: Ensure a minimum of 10 participants for a hosted session. This can be from just your organisation or accumulated from inviting neighbouring councils etc. PSIA can assist with marketing should you require. 

Training Room Requirements: Hosts must organise a training room that comfortably accommodates the number of participants. We can support classes of up to 30 participants or as the venue/room permits.

Trainer Availability: A list of available dates will be provided upon request for you to choose from, allowing flexibility to fit your organisation’s schedule.

Hosted training courses are an excellent way to enhance your team’s skills in a convenient and cost-effective manner. If you’re ready to elevate your playground safety expertise, let’s discuss your hosting options! Click here to enquire.