Level 1 Routine Visual Safety Inspector CPSIA Course

This nationally recognised training course incorporates AHCPGD206 conduct visual inspection of park facilities and provides students with the skills and knowledge required to carry out routine visual inspections of park and recreational facilities to identify visible hazards and existing and potential risks.



Limited Course

Our Level 1 – Routine Visual Playground Safety Inspector course is limited throughout the year, if this is a course that interests you and your company or organisation to host or attend to, please send your EOI through email to training@psia.net.au



Who should attend?

This course applies to individuals who work under general supervision and exercise limited autonomy with some accountability for their own work. They undertake defined activities and work in a structured context.


Routine Visual inspectors are intended to identify obvious hazards that can result from wear and tear, vandalism or weather conditions. This inspection is carried out regularly and some playgrounds that are subject to heavy use or prone to vandalism may require daily inspections. 


Course Duration and Delivery

Our routine visual playground safety inspector course is a 1 day course run on a Monday which includes training and assessment. A detailed schedule with content covered throughout the day assessment time will be provided before the commencement of the course.

The delivery of the unit will be split into a theory component, practical skills sessions and assessment at identified park facilities near the training venue. 






Submission Deadline

Assessment 1

Written open book assessment

End of training day

Assessment 2

In field inspections at routine visual level and report for 3 playgrounds

2 weeks after course completion