Terms and Conditions

Playground Safety Inspectors Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 63 631 848 729) trading as Playground Safety Inspectors Australia (PSIA, we, our) conducts the business of provision of training courses and training services (services). Any Services provided by Us to customers (students, you, your) will be provided in accordance with these terms and conditions (terms and conditions).

PSIA May update this page from time to time. If there are any significant changes made, those effected will be notified by direct email. you are advised to review this policy periodically for any changes. All changes to the policy are effective immediately and applicable to anyone who receives services from us.

Supply of Training Courses by Playground Safety Inspectors Australia –



Submission of our registration form constitutes your agreement and acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any of the below, do not submit our registration form.


You must pay to Us the relevant fees for the Services (including any courses conducted by Us (Courses)) as published by Us from time to time or as otherwise agreed between the parties in writing (Fees) in accordance with Our payment terms. Unless We agree otherwise in writing, you must pay us 14 days prior to the scheduled date for the Course. Prices displayed on website or quotations are subject to change without notification.

We accept purchase order, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and VISA/Master Card payment (secure payment over phone via Square 2.2% merchant fee applies).



Training course numbers are limited, and places are allocated in order of receipt of our registration form.

We will confirm your enrolment by email and place a position on hold at the selected venue once we receive your registration form.

Your enrolment is tentative until we receive a purchase order or full payment. Unless We agree otherwise in writing, you will not be allowed to attend training courses or receive assessment material or be evaluated by the trainer unless the applicable account/s is closed per our payment terms.



Where any supply made by Us is subject to GST, You will upon receipt of a valid tax invoice pay, in addition to any other consideration payable Us, an amount equal to the GST on that supply.



Students can transfer to different training date and location. In the case you are forced to transfer for personal, family, work, sickness, or any other valid reason your registration and any paid fees will be transferred.

Reason for Transfer

Fee payable (GST incl.)

Transfer or change of a student for registered course


Transfer to different location or dates*

14 days or more prior to commencement

No charge

13 days or less prior to commencement


Training Manual – Our Training Manual is continually updated to account for any updated Standards and course content  

*If the course transferred to requires an updated or replacement training manual there is an additional fee of $550 (GST incl.).



Refund policies are in place, we first encourage you to enrol and transfer to another course. If you wish to withdraw from a course and have paid fees you would like refunded, please email us for approval and a Refund Request Form. Refund Request email sent must have a delivery receipt.

Reason for Withdraw

Notification Requirements

Refund Payable

Withdraw prior to course.

Refund Request submitted 14 days or more prior to course commencement

Full refund*

Refund Request submitted 13 days or less prior to course commencement


No show or withdraw during course.



Notified with valid proof (e.g., doctors’ certificate)

Non-refundable but opportunity to transfer

*Refund of tuition fees less administration and training material fees (i.e., non-refundable if venue attendance and catering has been paid and training material has left our office for postage).


If you are experiencing flu, fever, diarrhoea, coughing, weeping wounds, mild respiratory or cold symptoms or vomiting please exclude yourself from attending the training and seek medical attention.

If you arrive to the training and visibly unwell, for the trainer and other students health and safety, if required, you will be advised to withdraw from the course.

See our refund and transfer policy to see available options if you are unwell and need to withdraw from a course.


PSIA reserves the right to cancel a CPISA course if insufficient numbers of participants are received or if unforeseen circumstances arise (e.g., Covid-19).

In this case:

  • You will be given the opportunity to attend a later course and any paid fees will be applied to your next registration or;
  • the refunded the applicable fees, please see our refund policy for further information and our refund request form.


PSIA does not accept any liability for any associated expenses such as airfares and pre-paid accommodation and for any damages of any nature sustained by students and/or their accompanying persons or loss or damage to personal property from CPSIA courses.


Extensions and reasonable adjustment

If you have any extenuating circumstances (e.g., medical, work, or family commitments) when it comes to submitting your assessment by the set due date, please request in writing (e.g., email) before the submission date.


Competency Based Learning

Our system of instruction, assessment, resulting, and reporting are based on participants demonstrating that they have learnt the knowledge and skills they are expected to as they progress through the course. This is to ensure participants are acquiring the knowledge and skills that are deemed to be essential in the industry.

The set tasks in this assignment will provide evidence for the assessor and determine whether you have successfully performed and satisfy the requirements to be resulted as competent.



If you fail to demonstrate competency you will receive additional instruction, time, and support to assist you achieve competency. You are permitted 3 attempts at this assessment and opportunity to re-enrol should you require further attempts or more time to complete.


If you are deemed ‘not yet competent’ on your third attempt, you can re-enrol to the course (fees apply). The trainer will assess the requirements of your re-enrolment (e.g., reattend training and practical session, renewed submission dates or additional attempts for the assessment) and fees applicable. Unless discussed otherwise, re-enrolment quotes and conditions are valid for 6 months.


if you think the assessment process, or your assessment outcome is flawed, you may appeal against the assessment decision. Please contact our team, preferably in writing (e.g., email) if you would like the assessment process or your result reviewed.

Please ensure you are fully informed of all relevant policies, procedures, and course information you have been provided.


Any information collected from you will be protected. PSIA will not transfer or sell information to other agencies or third parties.

This applies to all methods of collecting personal information (including hard copy, electronic forms, emails, or verbal means). 

PSIA requires personal information to administer your enrolment and completion of our CPSIA courses. Failure to provide the required information may mean we cannot provide you our training services. 

We always attempt to share and collect information directly with and from you, however, if you have a nominated contact/supervisor we will only share information with them. If a nominated contact is to change for you, we require this in writing (e.g., email) with the original contact cc’d at minimum. 

PSIA will only use your enrolment information for the following:

  • Enrolment to a course
  • Course information notifications (e.g., confirmation, course material, assessments, results, certificate and further required communications

We keep information such as your name, organisation or company name, email, course completion status and details, submitted assessments, CPSIA inspector number and certificate expiration date for the following:

  • CPSIA certificate expiration notification or marketing of future courses
  • Plagiarism check system
  • To confirm any future registration for re-certification discount
  • For lost or mis-placed certificates


PSIA is committed to meeting the health, safety and care obligations of all students, visitors and employees.

All students will receive safety information related to activities that will be undertaken during the training and to assist them on returning to their own workplace.

Students are expected and responsible for behaving correctly and respectively and abide by the Code of Ethics. PSIA has zero tolerance on any harassment, victimization, bullying or any conduct that has the purpose of/or effects another students work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment. This all includes harassment, victimization, bullying because of sex, race, national origin, religion, disability, sexuality or age.


To ensure CPSIA courses maintains its high standard and continuous improvement, feedback is obtained from the trainer, assessor, and students. You will be asked to provide feedback on our course, and we encourage you to make additional comments and/or suggestions on how the course could be improved to better suit your personal needs and others if they were to attend our course in the future. 

All feedback is recorded and PSIA updates and improves CPSIA courses frequently.


Any material We provide to You in connection with our Services and any intellectual property rights (including copyright) comprised in the Playground Safety Inspectors Australia Materials will remain the property of Us and/or Our third party licensors. You must not modify, copy, reproduce, re-publish or distribute the Playground Safety Inspectors Australia Materials in any way except with Our express prior written consent. The Playground Safety Inspector Australia Materials contain information of a general nature only.

Any information or data contained in the Playground Safety Inspectors Australia Materials is designed simply to provide a detailed overview and guide of several key areas in the standards and best practice relating to the design, layout, management, inspections and installations of playgrounds and does not replace the need to use or rely on the actual AS documents, which contains information not included in this resource. The AS should be referred to at all times in determining all relevant requirements for playgrounds. Users of our materials should be always reference to the applicable AS or Manufacturer’s data and should be interpreted with a realistic ‘best practice’ concern for community aspirations and safety.