What is Playground Safety Inspectors Australia Membership?

This membership is a new feature for our company we make exclusive to students with valid CPSIA certification.

Weekly our office is contacted where we are asked by organisations, companies, or independent individuals to recommend playground services (e.g. inspection and soft-fall testing) or products (e.g. playground equipment) in their region or with specific requests. 

As a training company, we cannot and will not recommend one student over another and unfortunately re-direct these clients to google.

In an effort to not only support our students and their associated companies in being found on a trusted business directory, this will also support the industry-standard benchmark of having inspectors evaluated as competent through training and assessment. 


Free Trial

Trial our membership for 3 months – premium business advertisement with no lock-in!


  • 3 months $450 GST incl
  • 6 months $750 $450 GST incl (40% EOFY SALE)
  • 12 months $1350 GST incl


  • Have valid CPSIA Certification with Playground Safety Inspectors Australia or PlayRight Australia
  • Registered ABN
  • Understanding and agreement of legal obligations and PSIA membership terms and conditions

Services you could advertise (but not limited to)

  • Inspector
  • Consultancy
  • Installer
  • Outdoor exercise
  • Playground manufacturer
  • Surface testing
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Landscape developers
  • Architects and designers


Can I personally edit my ad after it is live?


You cannot personally edit your membership information, however, if you notice a typo from your form, business address or other details change please contact our office and put in your request.

What if my CPSIA certificate expires before the end of the subscription date?

Before submitting your membership registration PSIA will verify and approve or disprove your advert.

If you CPSIA certificate is due to expire before the subscription date ends – you must have sent a registration to attend a course before the expiration date otherwise your membership will be disproved once it expires. Membership registrations that are rejected are allowed to resubmit after registering themselves for a course.

If you need to register before expiration please click here

What happens when my subscription ends?

An automated email will be sent to you with a reminder notification of your advert expiration. You will be linked to our webpage with the opportunity renew your membership with PSIA.

Once your advert subscription date has expired it will automatically be removed from our directory.


PSIA membership is only available to our students who have valid CPSIA certification with us or our previous company PlayRight Australia.


Simple and secure

PSIA has made membership easy with one form, simple checkout and onetime payment (no lock-in). You have control of your advert content and what is show-cased on our website.


We are the go-to national playground safety training

CPSIA courses have been delivered across Australia since early 2000’s and one of the most recommended training for playground safety in Australia.


We are your target audience

The main service we provide is our training, however outside of these hours our trainer is known for inspections, and consultancy and often asked to refer students and companies for services.

We fit in your budget

We believe all students and companies should have access to quality and affordable marketing support on their services or products. We will continue to monitor feedback on our advertisement pricing and when necessary try and meet all students needs. 

Potential benefits

Potential for increased sales, or service requests, enhanced company or organisation recognition, increased customer reach, education of customers and competitive advantage. 

  1. Please fill in and submit our membership registration form
  2. Your form will be sent to our office for approval
  • Disproved memberships will be sent an email notification and full refund
  1. Once approved you will be notified your advert is live and sent an email receipt of your transaction and provided with your personal login details
  2. Login to access or edit your advert content as you please

Please ensure you have an understanding of legal obligations and PSIA policies when signing up for membership and advertisement as it will assist in avoiding severe penalties that apply to businesses or organisations that mislead customers from inaccurate and untruthful information.