March Newsletter

Playground Safety Inspectors Australia March Newsletter 2022

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Australia News

  • Toddler snatched from Perth playground
  • Architecturally designed music-making playground
  • Reasons why children need to be more active in playgrounds and what is stopping them
  • How school playgrounds deter girls from physical activity

Worldwide News

  • Child killed after SUV plows into a playground
  • Symbol communication sign allowing children to press themselves
  • Research highlighting the benefits of risky play with tools and the junk being introduced to adventure playgrounds
  • Adventure playgrounds disappearing across England
  • Playground designers sparking children’s imaginations around the World
  • BigSEE Architecture Award 2022 Winner
  • School’s independent playground construction team member is under investigation
  • Long-term issue of dust collecting at primary school play areas coming from multiple sources nearby
  • Trust Fund hit a milestone in installing over 500 playgrounds for Government schools in India
  • When your child suffers an injury on a public playground
  • Students work to design green space playground

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