Level 1-2 Operational Safety Inspector CPSIA Course


This nationally recognised training course incorporates AHCPGD305 conduct operational inspection of park facilities, provides students with the skills and knowledge required to inspect parks or recreational facilities and identify hazards, existing and potential risks and non-conformities with Australian Standards and workplace health and safety requirements.


Who should attend?

This course is designed for individuals who take responsibility for their own work and for the quality of work of others such as playground operators, supervisory, technical and maintenance personnel, risk assessors, design and safety officers, auditors, equipment manufacturers, landscape architects and designers, property developers, equipment installers, managers and owners of playground in public and private parks, staff members from schools, child care and other recreation and leisure facilities. These individuals use discretion and judgement in the selection, allocation and use of available resources and all work is carried out to comply with workplace procedures.


Course Duration and Delivery

The delivery of the units will be split into a theory component, practical skills sessions and assessment at both the training venue and identified park facilities nearby.

Our operational playground safety inspector course is combined with our comprehensive playground inspector course and is typically run Tuesday – Thursday on the specified dates which is 2 days of training and 1 day of on-field inspections and assessment. A detailed schedule with content covered each day and assessment times will be provided before the commencement of the course.


 Recommended Resources (Optional)


  • Current Australian (AS) and New Zealand Standards (ASNZ) – as listed on our FAQ 
  • Playground inspection/testing tools/kit: recommend MI015 EN Testing Equipment from  KOMPAN in your state. Note: allow 5 weeks for delivery
  • Australian playground safety inspectors checklists – can be found at bottom of course registration






Assessment 1

Written open book assessment

Third day of training

Assessment 2

In field inspections at routine-visual and operational levels and reports for 3 playgrounds

2 weeks after course completion