Level 1-2 Operational

CPSIA Training & Certification Course

This training course incorporates Routine Visual and Operational inspection of playgrounds. This course will allow you to develop with greater competence and enable you with the knowledge and skills required to conduct routine visual and operational inspections of playgrounds and identify non-conformities to the relevant Australian Standards, legislative and work health and safety requirements, as well as manufacturer’s standards. You can be confident that you have been provided with the skills, knowledge, and ability to carry out your duties in the best possible manner.

Course description

This training course incorporates Routine Visual and Operational inspection of playgrounds. This course will allow you to develop with greater competence and enable you with the knowledge and skills required to conduct routine visual and operational inspections of playgrounds and identify non-conformities to the relevant Australian Standards, legislative and work health and safety requirements, as well as manufacturer’s standards. You can be confident that you have been provided with the skills, knowledge and ability to carry out your duties in the best possible manner. 




No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements are known to apply to this training course at the time of publication.

Hosting opportunity

In-house private training is available for this course. Please click here to learn more about hosting, discounts, and minimum requirements.

Registration requirements

To register for our training you must:

  • Be a resident of Australia
  • Have sufficient literacy and numeracy skills: can follow training and assessment instructions and legal requirements
  • Have reasonable physical agility: able to climb on, and thoroughly inspect play equipment, anchorage points and fit attachments
  • Have sufficient vision: able to observe signs, wear and tear and a typical fitting situation
  • Have sufficient aptitude to be able to utilise hand tools and make adjustments
  • Be able to use basic computer programs such as MS word, excel and PDF
Please contact our team if you wish to discuss further.


Training and assessments delivered by Playground Safety Inspectors Australia is not delivered on behalf of an RTO. If you have previously obtained the applicable inspection of park facilities units of competency from our previous company PlayRight Australia or other, you are not required to renew these units as they are ongoing (unless there are changes made to the units).

Who should attend?

This course is great for playground operators, supervisory, technical and maintenance personnel, risk assessor, design and safety officers, independent auditors, equipment manufacturers, landscape architects and designers, property developers, equipment installers, managers and owners of playground in public and private parks, schools, and early childhood and other recreation and leisure facilities. The delivery of this course is split into theory component, practical skills sessions and assessment at a training venue and identified park playgrounds nearby.

Course duration and delivery

This course is two days of condensed training and one day for assessment typically run Tuesday-Thursday with two assessments to be completed and submitted within 3 weeks of training completion.


Day 1-2 consists of a slide-show presentation from the trainer providing a detailed overview and guide of several key areas in the playground equipment and surfacing standards and best practices relating to the design, layout, management, risk control, inspections and installations of playgrounds. Prior to training commencement, you will receive a training package which will include our ~300 pg. two-sided and fully coloured manual developed by our trainer with continuous review since 2000. This resource covers all lecture content presented by the trainer and topics such as (but not limited to) playground history and introduction, injury and statistics, surfacing, guide to Standards, risk management, manufacturer instructions, operator instructions, playground safety audit, signage, shade/sun protection, outdoor fitness/gym/exercise equipment, hazard identification, and information required to complete your assessments and future playground operations. This resource is included for all registered training participants, individual and/or additional copies of our manual can be purchased on www.psia.net.au/products/CPSIA-training-manual/.

Practical skills

Day 2 consists of a two hour on-site practical session at a playground in close proximity to the training venue accompanied by the trainer where you will conduct a detailed compliance exercise to check conformity to Australian Standards and best industry accepted practices. The trainer encourages attendees to bring their inspection kits to utilise at this session (if available) or will have the opportunity to use of the trainers tool inspection kit at the session.

We now also provide a webpage for optional student review and specifically for our online attendees who are unable to attend our face-to-face training practical session. Our trainer introduces you to a Standard inspectors kit, and demonstrates probe testing procedures such as finger, head, head and neck entrapments, swing measurement points, the height of fall and impact areas, slide and swing fall zones and toggle test, and fireman’s pole toggle test. 


playground inspector training and certification

Training duration and schedule

Training Day 1
8:30am – 8:45am Registration tea and coffee
8:45am – 10:30am Training session 1
10:30am – 10:45am Break*
10:45am – 12:00am Training session 2
12:00pm – 12:40pm Lunch*
12:40pm – 3:00pm Training session 3
3:00pm – 3:15pm Break*
3:15 – 4:30pm Training session 4

Training Day 2
8:30am – 8:45am Registration tea and coffee
8:45am – 10:30am Training session 5
10:30am – 10:45am Break*
10:45am – 12:20pm Training session 6
12:20pm – 1:00pm Break*
1:00pm – 2:15pm Training session 7
2:15pm – 2:30pm Break*
2:30pm – 4:30pm Site visit (not assessed)

Training Day 3
8:30am – 8:45am Registration tea and coffee
8:45am – 9:20am Training session 8
9:20am – 9:30am Assessment 1 instructions
9:30am – 11:30am Assessment 1 – open book test*
11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch and exams marked*
12:30pm onwards (~4:30pm finish) Independent playground inspections for assessment 2


Note the following is only a small description of the assessment details. Full instructions will be provided in the assessment coversheets. You will be assessed on the basis of:

Assessment 1 - open book exam

Provided as a hard copy on day 3 of training, you are to independently complete a written open book assessment consisting of multiple choice and short answers covering Routine Visual and Operational inspector levels within ~2 hours at the venue. You are permitted to consult references (e.g. manual, current Australian Standards for playground equipment and surfacing) to answer questions. This assessment calls for organisation, analysis and judgement during completion rather than memorisation. In this assessment you are expected to obtain a score of 100% to demonstrate competency – if any questions are incorrect, the trainer will indicate for your review and reattempt. Assessment 1 results will be provided prior to your departure from the training venue on day 3.

Assessment 2 - independent inspections and reports on 3 playgrounds at routine visual and operational level

Provided to you as a hardcopy in your training package and electronically after training completion, you are to independently complete set tasks such as asset registers, safe work method statement and risk ratings in your inspections and associated reporting for three playgrounds within 3 weeks of training completion.

  • Playground 1 – routine visual inspection with a provided checklist on a playground nominated by the trainer in close proximity to the training venue
  • Playground 2 – operational inspection with a provided checklist on a playground nominated by the trainer in close proximity to the training venue
  • Playground 3 – operational inspection with your own self-developed checklist questions on a self-selected playground meeting the specified criteria outlined in the assessment task.

Course completion outcomes

We are confident that after successful completion of our training and assessments you will develop with greater competence and can be confident you have been provided with the knowledge and ability to carry out your duties in the best possible manner. In addition, when you successfully complete all training and assessments you will be deemed competent to the applicable CPSIA levels with Playground Safety Inspectors Australia.

Learning outcomes

The following topics are covered in this course’s training and assessments:

  • Recognition of the range of playground equipment, surrounding park facilities and services relevant to the industry
  • The range, use and safety parameters of playground equipment and park facilities, their material construction and maintenance requirements
  • Identify and determine the purpose of the inspection and playground equipment and
    surrounding facilities to be inspected 
  • Understanding of the principles and practices of routine visual and operational playground inspections
  • Understanding of environmental conditions on playground equipment and surrounding facilities and inspection activities
  • Practical understanding of terminology used to describe different components of playground equipment, surrounding facilities and relevant services
  • Knowledge and ability to interpret the applicable Australian Standards, specifications and legal requirements
  • Understanding of inspection/auditing procedures and techniques and legal enterprise reporting requirements for recommendations on maintenance, repair and replacement of playground equipment and surrounding facility’s
  • Knowledge of effective maintenance and repair work to end use of the facilities and equipment and the safety of users
  • Knowledge of relevant national industry standards AS 4685:2021 parts 1-6, AS 4685:11:2014, AS 4422:2016, AS 4685.0:2017
  • Interpret design symbols and terminology 
  • Prepare and carry out routine visual and operational inspection of playgrounds
  • Work health and safety legislative requirements and codes of practice
  • Carry out pre-operational checks on tools and equipment
  • Create 2D site plans
  • Identification of environmental risks and impacts and non-conformity in playground equipment and surrounding facilities in reference to relevant Australian Standards and work health and safety requirements
  • Hazard identification, assessment and control methods
  • Determine and evaluate extent of problems, serious issues and possible workplace health and safety hazards or risks present (and implement controls)
  • Rate and evaluate condition of playground equipment and surrounding facilities
  • Determine age and calculate lifespan of existing playground equipment and surrounding facilities
  • Estimate repair and replacement costs
  • Information management systems
  • Investigation and understanding of possible hazards and risks associated encountered by visitors utilising the playground and surrounding facilities and when conducting an inspection of playgrounds and the controls that can be put in place to remove or minimise
  • Playground equipment installation methods, intended use and users and safety parameters
  • Able to document and report requirements, procedures and materials used during playground inspection
  • Determine degree of urgency and ability to report urgent situations
  • Ability to proforma reporting and work procedure documents
  • Ability to complete and submit inspection checklists and associated reports

CPISA Certification

Upon successful completion you will be issued our Certified Playground Safety Inspector Australia certificate demonstrating competency to the applicable CPSIA levels with Playground Safety Inspector Australia. This certification demonstrates your dedication to your profession and provides verification that you are deemed competent and trained to effectively use the tools and skills required in the industry. There is no occupational licensing, legislative or requirement for you to have certification with Playground Safety Inspectors Australia… it can be considered good practice, a nation-wide joint effort and accepted as an industry-standard benchmark and demonstrates your competency to our CPSIA Levels.

CPISA Register

Your inspector registration number, full name and associated organisation or company (if applicable) will be placed on Playground Safety Inspectors Australia register. Your inclusion on this register and issue of our CPSIA certification requires you to abide by the PSIA Code of Ethics and be personally responsible for the quality of your work. 

CPISA Recertification

To support the industry-standard benchmark and yourself up to date with superseded or new Australian Standards released as we have in the past 20 years of our business recommend you return to refresh your training and certification with Playground Safety Inspectors Australia. If you are a returning student or new client to PSIA, upon registration if you provide proof of previous training with us or any other training company or organisation (e.g. certification, inspector register no., units of competency or equivalent) at registration to enroll as recertification and receive our discount.

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